Spa Games, Part 3

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Ahead of Time: Gather 5-10 clean sponges. Set up some type of target away from the spa-this can be a simple as a bucket or a toy that can get wet.


  1. Wet the sponges and take turns throwing them at the target, seeing who gets the most sponges in the right place.

Extra Fun: Find a willing participant to become a human target who must stay within a certain area and can duck the sponge.

Mini Lesson: Even if we are off target, we usually get better with practice.



Best with only a few people, depending on the size of your spa.


  1. Following the same direction, have everyone walk around inside the spa, over and over again until the water is swirling strongly in that direction.
  2. Sit down and see if the water carries you a little.
  3. Then get everyone up and reverse direction.

Mini-Lesson: Although it is hard to change course when the flow is going another way, it is always possible with support from other people.

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