Spa Games, Part 1

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Here is some fun. What kind of games can you play while in the spa?


Ya you know that you remember it. Have you ever tried it with the sound of bubbles? Trust me, the end result can be hilarious-my kids and I tried it last night.


  1. Make sure the jets are on!
  2. The first person thinks of a phrase-can be anything-and says it into the next person’s ear. Then that person says it to the next and so forth.
  3. When the last person is reached, they say aloud what the phrase was.
  4. Wrap up the round by asking exactly what each person heard-it will tell you where the communication broke down and maybe even why.
  5. Turn the jets off for a second time at the game and see if communication improves. Viola!

Mini LessonHearing another person correctly takes a quiet environment so if you really want to listen well, make that a priority.



This is a spa version of “how much can you remember about another person game”. But don’t skip over it if everyone in the spa is someone you know. You will be amazed at how much you learn.


  1. Choose a question, adjusting it according to the age levels that you are playing with. Suggestions include: “What is your favorite color?” “Favorite animal?” “Where do you like to eat?” “Where was your last vacation?”, etc. If you do already know these people well, try questions like, “Where was the last place you shopped?”, “What one quality is important in a best friend?”, etc.
  2. Say your name and answer the question.
  3. The person next to you then answers that same question but also must repeat your answer. (i.e. “Mary last took a vacation to Hawaii. My last vacation was to California”)
  4. Each person around the circle must repeat each person’s answer before them, as well as add their own.
  5. Start again with another question. Only be fair and start with someone else and reverse the direction once in awhile so that the same person isn’t always last.

Mini LessonYou can always learn more about other people and listening well is important in learning more. (This game also is good practice for memorization.)

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