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In addition to the Coast Spas Rich’s stocks, we also carry a full line of spa care items – everything from spa thermometers to spa vacuums to chemicals. Why go anywhere else when you can find everything you need for your spa at Rich’s?

Here is a small selection of the array of spa maintenance products Rich’s stocks:


Citra Bright Surface Cleaner – Featuring the natural cleaning power of citrus, this spray-and-wipe formula cleans and degreases your spa’s surface. It smells good, too!

Fast Gloss – Clean and polish your spa’s shell (after draining it, of course) with this water-repellant, non-streaking product especially designed  to protect the spa surface from sunlight, temperature and chemicals

Cover Wipes – These unique quilted wipes clean away dirt and grime, and condition a vinyl spa cover in one simple step. Specially formulated UV Blockers provide maximum protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

Instant Cartridge Clean – Fast-acting spray & rinse formula that removes oil, grease, and calcium from your filter in minutes. It comes with a new blue color spray indicator to ensure complete coverage.

Aqua Quik Spa and Pool Vacuum – Easily clean up sand, small stones, pennies, marbles, and other minor debris. No hoses, hookups, batteries, or electricity necessary; a light pump action creates a strong suction.


Spa Fragrance – What better place to indulge in aromatheraphy than in your spa? I use EsScents® in my spa and it really does make the water smell “pretty.”  This non-oily, non-foaming, non-filter-clogging fragrance is compatible with all Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.

  • Fruit Medley – (orange and grapefruit)
  • Pina Colada –  (coconut and ocean breezes)
  • Tropical Cherry – (cherry and fresh floral fragrances)
  • Garden of Eden – (absolutely perfect!)

Test strips

Test Strips – Easy-to-read strips test spa water pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and bromine or chlorine levels.

Reserve – This specially formulated mix of bromide salts becomes a powerful bromine sanitizer when combined with Leisure Time Renew. Not only is this two-part system completely chlorine-free, but there are no unpleasant side effects typically associated with other non-chlorine sanitizing systems.

Renew – This non-chlorine shock oxidizer is a fast-dissolving granular that rids spa water of residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils and organic materials that can build up in spa water. When Renew is added to the spa water, it reacts with the bromide and forms a bromine solution to destroy any microorganisms left behind by the bather. This product is part of the Reserve & Renew® Chlorine-Free Sanitizing System.

Brom Tabs – These concentrated active bromine tablets dissolve slowly and evenly and fit in most spa feeders and floaters to provide continuous disinfection of your spa.

Jet Clean – Keep your jetted spa plumbing clear of organics, oils, dirt and minerals. By using Jet Clean as part of the Simple Spa Care® Program, you can prevent buildup that could restrict water flow and damage equipment.

Filter Clean – This concentrated formula works overnight to remove dirt, oil, grease, soap, and scale from your filter cartridge.

– No more unsightly scum lines and icky odors! A blend of natural enzymes removes oil, lotion, and organics from the spa water. Works with all types of sanitizers.

Chlorinating Granules – Specifically formulated for spas, this concentrated granular chlorine effectively sanitizes and disinfects hot water. EPA approved.

Spa Up – Raise the pH and total alkalinity and increase the effectiveness of your sanitizer with this granular product. Best used in larger spas and in commercial spas.

Foam Down – A concentrated, non-oily foam suppressant designed for hot water applications.


Schedule an appointment to take a free, private wet test at any of Rich’s five Puget Sound showrooms. Just bring your swim suit and a towel!

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