Bob Krull Says Rich’s Salespeople Go ‘Above and Beyond’

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BBB Accredited Business “One of the first things I look for before making a major purchase is a company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau,” says Bob Krull, of Granite Falls, WA.

And Rich’s has an A+ rating with the BBB, the organization’s highest rating.   

Not only that, but Rich’s is a BBB Accredited Business, a coveted honor earned by meeting and maintaining the BBB’s high standards. 

All BBB accredited businesses agree to live up to their Standards for Trust, a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices focused on how businesses should treat the public – fairly and honestly in all circumstances.

Bob Krull, BBB Arbitrator Extraordinaire

Bob Krull knows a thing or two about the Better Business Bureau. In addition to being a loyal Rich’s customer (he’s purchased three hot tubs, a wood stove, fireplace insert, and patio furniture), Bob has served as a volunteer arbitrator for the BBB since 1975. Over the past 35+ years, Bob has mediated hundreds of disputes between businesses and customers. In 1990 he was awarded the national Arbitrator of the Year, and he has also received a volunteer of the year award from the local BBB.

Bob recalls one case in which a woman bought a hot tub from Rich’s and had it installed at her vacation cabin, which she used only on weekends. Her complaint:

I turn up on the heat on my spa when I arrive at my cabin. But by the time the hot tub heats up, it’s time to go home. Why buy a hot tub if I’m not able to use it?

Rich’s offered a solution to her problem: they volunteered to put a timer on her spa, and they traveled to her cabin and installed the timer at no cost to the customer.

“An unhappy customer instantly became a happy customer,” says Bob.

A+ rating That’s how a company like Rich’s earns an A+ rating, he adds. “They listen to their customers. They understand the problem and come up with a fix. They go above and beyond.”

Bob has been particularly impressed by “the personal touch” he and his wife, Ella, receive from Rich’s sales consultant, Philip Buchanan.  When Ella was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, Philip sent her a card.

“He’s exceedingly nice,” says Bob. “He calls every two-to-three months, just to check in. How many businesses these days do that?”

Bob confesses that he’s a big “sale” shopper, saying, “I try not to pay full price, so I’m on the lookout for sales.” And Rich’s has some good sales. “I ask Philip to call me when an item I’m looking for goes on sale. And he does! It’s nice to have my own salesperson.”

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