Prepping Your Hot-Tub for Spring

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Have you checked out your hot-tub yet? If you didn’t use it during the winter, it is the ideal time now to Couple spa richs istock
check it out. Of course, hopefully you kept your water balanced even during the winter but if you didn’t, this might be the ideal time to drain, clean and refill your hot-tub.

Here are other things that I recommend that you do before it’s time to start using your hot-tub again on a regular basis:

  1. Clean the hot-tub if needed.
  2. Clean the cover and other accessories as needed.
  3. Assure that the water is heating to desired temperature.
  4. Balance the water as needed.
  5. Run the jets to insure that they work.
  6. Turn on and test the lights. Replace lightbulbs as needed.
  7. If you have an umbrella, open and close it a couple of times. Clean if needed.
  8. Check steps, etc for loose joints.
  9. Hop in for a test run! (why not?) Just make sure the water is hot first.

The days are soon coming when you will use your outdoor rooms more as an extension of your home and by following the checklist above, you and your hot-tub will be prepared. Want an extra incentive? Plan now for a hot-tub party in April!

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