Hot-Tub Sale! As Low as $999.99!

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Geneva Spa Have you heard the news? Rich’s for the Home is having a HUGE hot-tub sale on closeout models. They are running as low as $999.99. Wow! If you have always wanted one, but price has been a deterrent, now is the time.

Have no fear about choosing the one that is right for you and your family. Rich’s for the Home provides soaking sessions behind private screens right in their showrooms. So bring your swimsuit and soak as long as you would like. We hope that this will help you make the best choice for you—because making a big purchase, of course, should be considered from many angles.

You must consider your finances and what you can afford. This might mean calculating some expenses in the next few months and seeing where you can cut. You must also look at energy consumption, the size of hot-tub that you want and more. In addition, color, style and features are also key.

Sound hard? No worries—we are here from you and we know the answers to your questions. We will help you choose what works the best for you and your needs.

Here’s a fact: rarely will you see prices on hot-tubs this low again so truly this is the time to sit down, make a list of the features you want, figure out placement in your yard and then hit Rich’s running so that we can choose your best option—together.

See you soon!

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