Essential Spa Accessories

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You may need accessories for your spa and not even know it. Rich’s can provide you with several options:

Covermate A Cover-Extend the life of your spa and prevent heat from escaping with a cover when the spa is not in use.

Spaumbrella An Umbrella– With attractive LED lights, a wind vent tested in winds up to 25 mph, easy mounting features and rust-free aluminum, how can you go wrong choosing your umbrella through Rich’s? The umbrellas work as covering for sun, snow, wind and rain.

Steps– With both the SmartStep and the DuraStep available, lack of safety for your family and friends Durastep won’t be an issue. The DuraStep has UV inhibitors to prevent sun damage and will never need sanding or re-staining. A new Euro style provides an elegant yet safe entrance to your spa and it’s easy to snap together. The SmartStep is coated with black, spongy rubber that provides a non-slip surface that is also soft to the feet. In addition, it has drawers for storage.

Safetrail Safe T Rail– Made with black powder-coated, rust-free aluminum, this rail add a secure way for everyone to get in and out of the spa. Slip-free foam grip is included and a rail stand is an optional component for attachment.

Caddy-These tables not only attach to the spa but have a center pivot design for ease of reach. They areSpacaddy  made with weather-resistant plastic and a stainless steel post.They are available in a few sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Towel Bar-Never search frantically for a towel again-only to have to shake the dust off when you find it on the ground. Rich’s towel bars have a unique, upright position so that they stay close, but also clean and dry. The towel bar can even fold down when not in use and is made from high-grade, rust-free aluminum.

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