Caring for your hot tub and the environment

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Caldera Spas has some recommendations on how to run their hot-tubs with the environment in mind and I wanted to share some of those with you:

  1. Get a cover for your spa because it saves energy. Keep it well-maintained and consider a lifter for it.
  2. Consider adding a Caldera Hinge Seal to the cover. It will maximize heat retention.
  3. Using the SPA FROG water care system will mean that fewer chemicals are being used in your hot tub.
  4. Using the Monarch CD Ozone Generator plus Monarch Silver Cartridge inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces the need for chemicals. This also reduces the amount of water used during your spa's lifecycle.
  5. Replace filters at recommended intervals and your hot tub will last longer. Also read the manual and follow instructions for proper water level.
  6. Use captured rainwater to replace water as needed in your hot-tub. This is the first time I have seen this recommendation. It is a great idea and makes perfect sense.
  7. Landscaping around your hot-tub will reduce your home’s carbon footprint. It will also beautify and increase the value of your property.

There are a few more recommendations. I encourage you to check them out and please keep our environment in mind when caring for all your products from Rich’s for the Home.

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