Caldera Spas

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If you don't have a hot-tub yet, it's time to think that direction. I think it would be a perfect accent to your backyard or patio. I would have to recommend the Caldera Spa line. They have a variety of types and sizes available. They also have LED lighting in six different colors that you can rotate. Their is a wide variety of colors in the line that can match any landscape decor.

Caldera also has a very cool exercise buddy that can live on your desktop and remind you to get up and stretch. Apparently, it will even show you pictures and run you through the exercises. You can add the songs you like to it and set a timer to exercise or stretch in the time intervals that you want.

What an awesome reminder to stretch muscles and save pain! I'm all for it-how about you. Download Werk the Workout Buddy. You can even do these stretches in your hot-tub.

Enjoy this wonderful video showing enjoyment of a Caldera Spa!

Caldera Spa Video

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