Bling for Your Hot Tub

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Accessorizing is the name of the game for any spashionista (that stands for spa fashionista). I thought I’d introduce you to several hot items every spashionista must have:

Spa Caddy


Your cell phone goes everywhere with you, right? Now it can travel with you to your hot tub, too, so you can send those all-important text messages while you’re soaking in luxurious comfort (ok, I’m kidding, but you could do it if you wanted to!).

The spa caddy, constructed of reinforced plastic on a stainless steel post, mounts on virtually any spa and has a center-pivot design so it can swing in or out. The tray is 27 inches long and 19 inches wide so it easily holds food, drinks, and your rubber duckie. (Maybe even your cell phone, if it’s waterproof.)



I’ve owned a spa for years, and although I’m fairly limber, getting into and out of my hot tub can be challenging.

This slip-free SmartRail has a black foam grip that not only looks classy, but it’s a great safety feature, as well. The powder coated rail is made of high-grade rust-free aluminum and can be mounted on either the deck or on your spa.

Dura Step

In a recent post, I featured several additional spa accessories (spa umbrella, custom cover, and SmartStep). Here’s another excellent step that you can pair with the SmartRail. It’s called Dura Step, and it works with both square and round spas.

At 27 inches wide x 25 inches long and 15 inches high, this European-style step holds up to 700 pounds (!) and comes in eight colors.

Towel Bar
My spa is outside on my deck, and on drizzly days (which is most days here in the Seattle area), I’m reluctant to toss my towel on the deck. The towel bar keeps my towel dry and close-by.

Constructed of high-grade rust-free aluminum, the towel bar folds flat against your spa when it’s not in use.

Did you know?…

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