Backyard Spa Party

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A spa party this time of year? Sure, why not.

A family in Portland was gathered all together in their spa with friends in December when the first snow of winter started to fall. Talk about a contrast in senses! As flakes fell softly on their heads, they looked to the sky and smiled. Where else can you experience snow in a swimming suit without being chilled?

And now it is even warmer. Spring is coming, and we are enjoying 50 and 60 degrees once again. Before your schedule gets packed with sun-time activity, why not have a group of people over and enjoy yourself? You can’t ask for a more relaxing party-especially for the host and/or hostess. If you can keep it outside, great. But if not, consider having everyone in for a movie or board game after hot-tub time.


  1. Tell everyone to bring suits and towels, but keep a few extra towels or terrycloth robes on hand just in case.
  2. Uncover the hot-tub ahead of time, test the temperature and insure that everything works well.
  3. Organize the changing areas and insure that everyone knows where the restroom is.
  4. Water use means hunger, especially for the younger set. Have refreshments available.
  5. If kids are coming, it is always good to have extra clothes available too-just in case.
  6. Plan for some quiet background music while people are enjoying the water.
  7. Have any water accessories, cushions, etc available for the party.
  8. Plan some seating nearby for those who may not want to go in the water.
  9. Do pay attention to the overall experience by caring for your lawn, putting things away, cleaning, etc. before your guests arrive.
  10. Plan for parking, if it is difficult in your area.
  11. Keep your guest list in mind-there is something to be said re inviting various personalities. Where would our parties be without the person who talks a lot? Or the one who always finds time to greet everyone? You get the point.

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