10 Kid Safety Tips for the Hot-tub

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During this busy summer season and always, remember that safety is always first. Especially with children, it is important to remember that safety precautions are in place around your hot-tub.

  1. Keep spa chemicals locked up and out of reach.
  2. Always supervise your children's use of the hot-tub. For smaller children, it's the best to be in there with them.
  3. If your kids are tweens/teens are old enough to play maturely (without horseplay), let them have a hot-tub party but keep a close eye on the action.
  4. Explain the rules ahead of time and enforce them as needed.
  5. Tell them that accessories can only be used for intended purposes (i.e. the cover is not a skateboard ramp).
  6. Let smaller children work their way into the hot-tub. First a toe, then a foot. It may be too hot-feeling for them at first.
  7. Smaller kids are more likely to get in the hot-tub when the bubbles are off. Turn them on later if the kids are comfortable with it. But also note that small kids often don't weigh enough to ground themselves in front of the air jets. The air and water flow may throw them off-balance.
  8. When kids feel too hot, encourage them to get out of the hot-tub or sit on the edge and dip their feet instead.
  9. Encourage hydration by having water and additional fluids accessible. Also, don't forget the food-no matter the age of your kids, they will likely be hungry after their dip.
  10. Treat it like a pool and insist that children never go in the hot-tub without supervision. Better yet, buy a locking cover.

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