New for 2012: Hardwood Indoor-Outdoor Furniture from Jensen Leisure

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If you're looking for gorgeous hardwood furniture that does double duty — both inside your home and outdoors, look no further than Ipé (EE-pay), manufactured by Jensen Leisure.

Pearl Gateleg Group
Pictured above: Pearl Gateleg Group with folding chairs: The table folds — perfect for on a boat.

Environmentally Friendly

Ipé is a fine-grained, buttery-smooth hardwood from the Chiquitania forest reserve in Eastern Bolivia. Because of the nature of tropical dry forest, trees there grow very slowly. Consequently, some of the world's strongest and most durable woods come from the Chiquitania forest.

From an environmental standpoint, no product is more environmentally conscious than Ipé timber. All wood used in the manufacturing of Jensen Leisure Furniture is Forest Stewardship Council-certified, which means that the FSC can track a piece of furniture all the way back to the original tree it was cut from. A hectare of forest is divided into 25 sections and trees that heave reached 85-99% of their natural lifetime are selectively cut from one section.


Jensen uses the heart wood from Ipé trees (also known as Tajibo in Bolivia) in their furniture; other parts of the tree are used for flooring and plywood.

Ipé is chocolate-brown when new, and the sun transforms it to a silver patina. Because it is so dense, Ipé naturally resists splintering as well as rot, decay, insects, carpenter ants, mold, and even fire. Weather has little to no negative effect on Ipé, making it an ideal choice for Pacific Northwest outdoor rooms.


The Topaz stacking chair won a design award, and its cousin, the Topaz folding chair, is a top seller at Rich's showrooms — last season, we sold them right off the container!

We suggest investing in both stacking chairs and folding chairs. Here's the top-selling folding sling chair:

Topaz Folding Sling Chair
 And here's the stacking chairs and a 48" square table from our  Lynnwood showroom:

Rich's Outdoor Furniture 2012 047

For something  fun and different for lounging on your deck or boat, here's a fresh take: A two-piece Atlantic Steamer chair with footrest.

Atlantic Steamer With Footrest
Another style we adore is the Opal Swivel Chat. These deep chairs, new this season, rock and swivel. We paired lounge cushions in a a soothing ivory and butter palette with patterned accent pillows.

You can fit four swivel rockers around the chat table pictured below, or around a fire pit.

Rich's Outdoor Furniture 2012 049

Here's a closeup of the Opal Swivel Rocker:

Opal Swivel Rocker

And here's the same rocker paired withthe Opal Sofa (88" wide), Opal Coffee Table (17" high), and Opal End Table.

Opal Sofa and Swivel Rocker Group

Rich’s for the Home has been selling Jensen Leisure furniture for over 20 years and is the exclusive dealer of Jensen Leisure’s Ipé furniture in the Greater Seattle area.

Stop by any of Rich's five Puget Sound showrooms in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Southcenter, Tacoma, or Silverdale and say, "Show me the Ipé!"

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