Hybrid Grills from Kalamazoo

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Kalamazoo 900HB
I had never heard of hybrid grills until recently. I only knew of hybrid cars.

Well, apparently Kalamazoo invented hybrid grilling technology, and you can use them any-which-way. I’m totally serious. It actually combines the capabilities of a gas and a charcoal grill.

Above the burners, there are Hybrid Grilling Drawers. For gas grilling, you insert the ceramic-lined drawers to perfectly diffuse the heat and for charcoal and wood grilling (yes, I said wood grilling-another new one for me), you insert the wood rack drawers. Wood grilling gives that cooking-over-the-fire taste and you can even use the burners to initially start the fire.

Here are some ideas from Kalamazoo on how the grills can be used:

  • Load charcoal or wood chunks in the charcoal/wood hybrid grilling drawers, and use the gas burners to accelerate starting. You'll be ready to grill much sooner than on a standard charcoal or wood grill, and you can turn off the burners once the coals or wood chunks are ready.

  • Load the charcoal/wood hybrid grilling drawer(s) with hickory limbs, supplemented by the main burners underneath. Steaks grilled over an open fire in this way can be seared quickly and benefit from the fantastic flavors imparted by wood.

  • Use charcoal in the wood/charcoal hybrid grilling drawer(s) and take advantage of the unique design to redistribute or add coals without disrupting the cooking surface.

  • On a Kalamazoo 900 Series Hybrid Grill, you can take advantage of the side-by-side hybrid grilling drawer configuration to use gas alone on one half of the grill and charcoal or wood on the other. Of course, you can set up the entire 864 square inches for grilling with a single fuel type.

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