Grills, grills and more grills

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Broilmaster It seems that grills are for sale most anywhere that you go these days. There are a variety of brands and price ranges available at a variety of stores, apparently. But grills are not self-explanatory, and if you need assistance differentiating the brands and their features, or even identifying your own needs–Rich's for the Home is the best place to go. There you will find not only expert advice but assistance in choosing a grill that meets your needs in all possible ways.

Chances are if choosing Rich's, you won't regret the grill that you choose.

I recommend that before you go, you write down information on the following topics and take it with you:

  1. How many people do you want to serve using your grill?
  2. Do you want the option to cook different things at the same time at different temperatures?
  3. Do you prefer charcoal or gas?
  4. Do you want a cover for your grill?
  5. How much room do you want on the side of the grill to place items as you cook them, or items that are waiting to cook?
  6. What size of propane tank do you prefer, if choosing gas?
  7. Do you want an upper rack where food can keep warm that isn't actively cooking?
  8. Will you want to build in your grill with your outdoor room or have a freestanding grill?
  9. Do you have a brand preference?

The answers to these questions will help Rich's grilling professionals help you choose the best option.

See you soon!

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