Grilling for a good cause

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July is National Grilling Month. Why not help to make a difference for someone else with your grilling this Grilledfish month and next month as well? Here are some ideas:

  • Hold a barbecue to raise money for a good cause. Get stores to donate the goods, have people over and either charge per person or put out a donation bin and talk it up.
  • Arrange with a local homeless shelter to provide a grilled meal for residents. You may have to take your grill and grill the food on-site. A plate of burgers there can go a long way.
  • Buy meat in bulk at Costco or another wholesale dealer and pass the results around the neighborhood. Tell them ahead of time that you will provide dinner and it will be at their door at 6 pm (or whenever you choose).
  • Check with your local food pantry. See if it would be possible to provide a grilled burger for people who come in for help on a certain day.
  • Team up with a local restaurant. Ask them how you can work together to help solve hunger in your community. You might even be able to set up an event in their parking lot for a couple of hours.
  • While you are grilling, invite a neighbor kid to learn how to grill safety.

Watch this video for a creative way to help other people via the grill.

Happy grilling!

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