Grilled Potatoes

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Richspotato Of course, we grill meat. And we also grill some veggies. Have you ever thought about grilling potatoes?

I will admit–except for burying potatoes in the coals of a hot fire, I have not. So it was with interest that I read this article from VV Daily with some ideas on how to grill potatoes. They even suggest pairing them with meat on a skewer. That's interesting. I guess you would have to make sure that the potato didn't get too soft and split up. I bet it tastes totally yummy.

Here are some other potato grilling ideas:

  1. Foiled Treasure Packets– A fine and delicious mixture of corn and potatoes.
  2. Potato Rounds– Slice potatoes into rounds, with or with skin. Brush with salt and olive oil and grill directly on grill.
  3. Potato Halves– Slice potatoes in half and grill face down. Good with garlic powder. Scoop and eat.
  4. Chunked Potatoes– Chop into chunks, toss with basil and a bit of Worcestershire sauce. Grill wrapped in foil until soft.

Do you have a clever way to grill potatoes? If so, please let us know in the comments.

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