Want a Grill that Lasts Forever? Broilmaster is Your Answer.

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Broilmaster’s tagline is, “the most durable grill known to man.”

And it is certainly true. Our customers often tell us they’ve owned their Broilmaster for 20+ years. They swear that this grill is so well-made, it refuses to break or wear out.

Broilmaster Super Premium Grill
What is it about Broilmaster premium gas grills that make them so durable?

We thought you’d never ask!

First off, Broilmaster has been building grills right here in the USA since 1966. Back in the “olden days,” Broilmaster sales representatives would place five slices of bread on the grill (at the center and corners), wait 30 seconds, and remove the slices to reveal perfectly uniform toast – no hot spots and no dead spots.

Today, Broilmaster grills still grill toast – and lots of other things – perfectly, thanks to their legendary stainless steel bowtie burner that disperses flames evenly.

Broilmaster’s patented stainless steel Bowtie Burners deliver unmatched heat distribution and precise control at any setting.

Broilmaster offers models with stainless steel griddles and the company’s exclusive Smoker Shutter – which doubles the grill’s versatility by allowing backyard chefs to slow roast and smoke game, poultry, and other large cuts.

Aluminum Body

Our customers tell us they appreciate the thick-gauge aluminum body castings, which are much sturdier than on those “tinny” grills that last only a season or two. Even the screws Broilmaster uses to put the various components of the grill together are made of stainless steel.

Multi-Level Cooking

The adjustable cooking grids allow you to cook on three levels, perfect for grilling, baking, and warming.


Build Your Own Broilmaster

If you want to mix-and-match grill heads, shelves, and bases to create a custom grill that’s just right for you, visit the Build-A-Grill page on Broilmaster’s website.

I created this one and am putting on my wish list:

Broilmaster Build a grill

After you’ve built your grill, jot down the item numbers you selected, or take a screenshot of your creation. Bring it in to the nearest Rich’s store and we’ll special-order your Broilmaster grill for you.

Grilling Recipes

Of course, you'll want some great recipes to try out on your Broilmaster grill. Click here for Broilmaster's online recipe book.

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