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20090523_2647 We recently met with Archie Lopez, a Big Green Egg customer from Texas. He runs an electric utility district and truly enjoys his Big Green Egg.

J- How does the Big Green Egg help you?

A- Too many ways to count. This grill makes slow cooking meats so easy it's pretty hard to mess things up unless you throw some meat on the grill and totally forget about it and burn it. It is also a very efficient smoker/grill….a little charcoal goes a LONG way. 

I have cooked when it was in the 20-30's in the dead of winter with no problems. I can still get the BGE to 600-700 degrees to cook steaks in that kind of weather!

Also, if we ever have an extended power outage I know I can get it fired up and ready to go in 15 minutes or less. I can cook just about ANYTHING on that thing.

J- I’m not that good at grilling. Does the Big Green Egg make it easier?

A- I have slow cooked ribs for 8 hours before and all I had to do was check the temperature gauge on the outside to make sure the temperature was constant. It really seals in the juices and makes the food taste great. With my gas grills it was a LOT more work. Now some grillers may like all the work, but I like to sit and enjoy good conversation rather than stand all day in front of a grill in the Texas heat.

J- How durable is it?

BigGreenEgg A- One will last you a lifetime unless you drop it and crack it. The quality of the construction is excellent.

J- What have you cooked on your Big Green Egg?

A- Let's see…..I've cooked steaks, ribs, chicken, turkeys, cornish game hens, porkloin, hamburgers, hot dogs,  veggies, pizzas, bratwurst, hot links, and baked potatoes.  It's pretty versatile!

J- I would say so! Would you recommend a Big Green Egg to others looking for a grill?

A- Absolutely! Slow cooked meats are about half of what they would cost at a BBQ joints but they have all the same seared-in flavoring. Plus it's a great excuse to gather the extended family and see what we can come up with.

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