Best Winter BBQing Links

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Well it might surprise you (or it may not) that many BBQ fans are still BBQing, even in the cold. They admit that the cold is the toughest factor to get through-it just ain't that fun to freeze while you are trying to cook dinner.

But the taste can be-oh so worth it.

Some people BBQed their turkeys for Thanksgiving. Others BBQed ribs to give away as a holiday gift. Check out a recipe here for Brined Turkey. Yum!  Barbecue Master took it a step further. She BBQ'ed both turkey and a spiral ham.

Grill Girl from Yes,You Can Grill says, "Almost 8 in 10 households own grills currently as noted by Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA). Gas grills are still most popular at 86% followed by charcoal grills (37%) and electric (2%). Close
to half of all grillers polled by HPBA say they grill once or twice a
week during the peak season (May-September), but 58% have joined the
Polar Bear Barbecue Club and grill year round."

The most popular meat? Hamburgers. Those are followed by steak, chicken and finally hotdogs, according to the HPBA.

What's your fave?

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