Benefits of a ceramic grill

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Did you know that Primo is the only grill manufacturer to make their grills in the USA? You betcha! And IStock_000003630203XSmall there are big benefits to cooking on a ceramic grill.

Here are some:

  1. Ceramic can handle heat over 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, and yet the outer surface stays only warm to the touch.
  2. The fibers of ceramic grills are tightly woven so that heat does not escape. That provides a true meat smoking experience and retains moisture. (Too much air flow is the cause of dry meat)
  3. Ceramic won't be affected by weather. It's extremely strong and will not rust or deteriorate.
  4. They are very efficient and the heat is evenly distributed.
  5. Because heat escapes standard metal grills, the food is cooked via flame. In a ceramic grill, the surrounding ceramic on the walls and lid actually cook the food. Food tastes better!
  6. Primo Grills are made from a premium ceramic blend. They also provide a warranty for their grills. It covers the ceramic portion of the grill for 20 years and the metal parts for 5 years. 

With all those benefits, why would you want to choose any other option? Visit Rich's for the Home for a wide selection of grills for every budget.

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