Ten Easy but Tasty Sauces

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Have you used some unusual things for sauces on the BBQ over the years? I sure have. Many are tasty and easy. So if you have some to share, please do so in the comments below. And here are some of mine:

  1. Ranch sauce on chicken. Apply just like BBQ sauce.
  2. Lemon Juice on chicken or pork. Just squeeze it on.
  3. Olive Oil on beef or pork. Add some seasonings too.
  4. Butter on most all of them, especially fish.
  5. White Wine on chicken.
  6. Parmesan Cheese on chicken or pork. Just sprinkle.
  7. Bacon Bits on chicken. Just sprinkle.
  8. Italian Salad Dressing on chicken or fish.
  9. Use a Baking Mix (mixed and rolled out) to wrap around hotdogs.
  10. Chili Sauce (take from canned chili minus beans) on beef.

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