Lunch on the Grill

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Did you know that summer lunch on the grill can be an easy way to avoid using a stove in the middle of your too-hot kitchen? It's a great option when the house is truly too warm to cook in and in fact-you may not feel like cooking at all.

With both the ideas below, you will need to coat the grill with some olive oil (do not use vegetable oil) or use some butter on the outside of the bread/wraps.

Garden If you don't want to directly grill on the racks, another option is to get a frying pan and place it on the racks. Then grill the sandwiches in the frying pan.


Sandwiches are easy to grill and provide a blank palate to allow for many tastes and options. Choose your favorite bread. It will be easiest to use thick slices. Or use Pita Bread which provides a handy pocket when cut in half. Then fill up the bread with your faves and grill for at least two minutes on each side.


Using a flour or corn tortilla, fill the center with whatever ingredients you choose. Then roll it up and grill for about three minutes on each side. This is a great way to use up leftovers (last night's casserole or meat) or make tacos and burritos. Rice and vegies inside are yummy too.

Cut up some fruit and you have a nutritious and filling lunch for the whole family. Yum!

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