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GreenSmart Lopi Stove


LopiBershireBig The Lopi website tells us that The Berkshire™ GreenSmart (GS) is the newest cast iron gas stove, and features the revolutionary GreenSmart system.

What is GreenSmart?

GreenSmart is a gas technology that is energy-efficient and saves on the usage of energy. In other words, it will reduce your energy bill but still keep you warm. I know that we can all use a little (or a lot) of that.

"The real power of GreenSmart system is the entire collection of components, controls and technology features like: accent lights, flame adjustments, blower control and a choice of pilot ignition modes, a collection of features only available on GreenSmart models."

GreenSmart models even have a remote control with a "Smart Mode". It has the ability to adjust the flame height based on the temperature setting. Instead of turning the flame on or off, as many models do, the flame can modulate up/down slightly as needed. It prevents it from having to restart when it gets colder in the room so it both conserves fuel and increases the heating ability of the stove. 

Lopi Logo Lopi reports that the GreenSmart Stove has a realistic wood-like flame. And "with the combination of convective heat, radiant heat and 31,000 maximum Btu heat output, this stove is ideal for mid-sized homes and for zonal heating large areas of your home."

Rich's for the Home cares about our environment just like you. We realize not only the importance of saving energy but also feel responsible to offer consumers choices that are eco-friendly, safe and smart.

Get smart. Get GreenSmart.