Which grill is the best for the environment?

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Richsvermontcasting When it comes to being environmentally friendly, which grill is the best? There are so many options and you may be surprised as I was to learn that electric grills actually are the worst on our environment. According to US News and Oak Ridge National Laboratory: "A liquefied petroleum gas grill

operated for an hour would emit 5.6 pounds of carbon dioxide while a charcoal grill would emit about 11 pounds. An electric grill would account for about 15 pounds of carbon dioxide."

So that means that by using a gas grill, you can actually cut that carbon monoxide in half. That's a pretty good amount.

Rich's for the Home features a variety of gas grills for your choosing. Here are some of your options:

Lynx– Lynx professional grills are the best when it comes to presentation and built-in varieties. If you like to spend a lot of your time cooking outdoors and/or have regular get-together's than this is likely the best option for you.

Vermont Casting– Vermont Casting are cast iron and classic, although not classic-looking. Their durability is unmatched and works well especially for our NW weather.

DCS– DCS Grills offer a lot of variety in cooking styles from searing to smoking. Their stainless steel look blends in beautifully with most decor.

Broilmaster– The Broilmaster P3 was named the "Best All-Purpose" Grill by Money Magazine. They even have an online Build-a-Grill option where you can add all the features that you want.

Weber- The Weber EP-310 comes in three colors! They are green, black and copper–if you can call black a color. And of course, Weber is known for it's long-term committment to their customers and good, economical grills.

If you just have to grill, know that you are doing the best for your environment by using a gas grill.

Let's go shopping!

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