Where is the Green in Kitsap County?

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In celebration of the opening of Rich’s Silverdale store, I want to relate some of the very cool, "green" happenings in and around Kitsap County. For those that don’t know, Kitsap County includes Bremerton, Silverdale, Port Orchard and Poulsbo and I am partial—as it is where I grew up. Go Wolves!

Here is a teacher, Ann Giantvalley, from Manchester Elementary near Port Orchard who has been making the care of the environment a weekly lesson for 29 years. "

Throwing away paper isn't allowed; used sheets must go to the recycling or scratch paper bins. She photocopies material as infrequently as possible and makes double-sided copies if she needs to print something out. Giantvalley's students use both sides of the paper for their assignments." She even encourages using supplies from the previous years.

Read about Gail (Craze) Hester from Poulsbo who is making sought-after mandolins with our environment in mind. "Besides the tonality of the instruments, musicians appreciate the finish on Gail’s mandolins which she creates by hand-selecting woods and then using layers of eco-friendly vintage varnish finish and shellac French polish."

Have you heard of Elandan Gardens? I have. I used to drive by it everyday. They are a world-class bonsai garden with many wonderful features but they are slightly hidden from locals as they are on a curve in Gorst. Yes, I mean the Gorst between Port Orchard and Bremerton. "

We are always getting contacted by people in Europe and around the world," says owner Shanna Neims. "We have been featured in international magazines without our knowledge. But the people in Port Orchard don’t even know we’re here." Yo, everyone from Kitsap County. Go see the garden—it’s worth it. And tell them Julie sent you.

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