Warming Responsibly

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Do your kids ever catch you off-guard?

“Mom, why should we care about greenhouse emissions?”

Uh. Hmmm.

The answer wasn’t that difficult of course-it just took me a moment to organize a response in my brain.

“Well,” I said carefully (because I really do need to study up more), “anything that we release into the air has an effect on our environment, and can make our air dirty.”

Pitiful, I know. I promise to study up more.

Morso6148I wanted to let you know that Rich’s for the Home has a commitment to offer Eco-Labeled stoves for customers who desire to warm responsibly. Within that realm, there is a variety of options for all, with more being manufactured all of the time. Find out more about the standards and how to warm responsibly.

It’s not just a trend, but a wave of the future. An important wave. Hop aboard.

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