The Green Message of Wall-e

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WALL-E, the new Disney film, has a great message for all of us. In the movie, the humans have moved to space.

Why? Because after years of not taking care of their garbage, trash has taken over the earth.

Wall-e is a trash compactor and he continues his lonely job on earth by scooping garbage, making it into cubes and creating buildings with those cubes. It must reek like nothing you or I have ever smelled before.

“Why is there so much garbage?” My seven year old whispered loudly.

“Because they didn’t recycle,” I answered.

Yes indeed. Dramatic perhaps, but a great example of WHY we must make changes in our lives to implement green living and sustainability.

Rich’s for the Home encourages green living and practices it themselves. They choose manufacturers who care as well. When you shop, I encourage you to ask about the environmentally-friendly features of their furniture, grills and fireplaces.

Don’t shop without thinking of the future. Your great-grandchildren will thank you someday.

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