The Changing Face of the Gas Fireplace: Top Trends for 2013

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Remember when stoves and fireplace inserts came in one color…black?

Shadowbox Effect

Then came variations on black:

  • Black with gold accents.
  • Black with brass accents.
  • Black with nickel accents.

While the traditional black is still the most popular look in free-standing gas stoves and fireplace inserts, we’re seeing huge shifts in stove faces and finishes. Here are some design trends to look forward to in 2013:


Fireplace Xtrordinair model 864 gas fireplace

The sleek shadowbox face makes a statement with its streamlined, clean look.

On a gas fireplace, the shadowbox looks like a picture frame. The “frame” surrounds all four sides of the fireplace, creating a “shadow” effect around the firebox.

On a fireplace insert, the shadowbox serves as a trim piece, giving the insert a finished look.

Shadowbox Satin Finish
Shadowbox with satin finish


Mix-and-match faces and finishes will continue be a trend in 2013. Many gas fireplaces and inserts offer multiple face options in a choice of textured finishes.

Neo Classic Face with Brushed Nickel Finish
Neo-Classic face with brushed nickel finish

Metropolitan Face with Black Painted Finish
Metropolitan face with black painted finish

Charcoal Painted Finish FPX 864 TRV Gas Fireplace
Charcoal Painted Finish on the  FPX 864 TRV Gas Fireplace

Popular finishes you’ll be seeing in 2013:

  • Carbon patina (black tone, hand-rubbed at the factory)
  • Pewter
  • Black satin
  • Bronze patina (Pictured below : Artisan face with hand-rubbed bronze patina finish)

Bronze Patina Hand Rubbed with Artisan Face

Brushed nickel (pictured below)

Brushed Nickel finish


Gas fireplaces offer much more than traditional logs. Complementing the sleek shadowbox face, you can choose contemporary options such as glass media or fyre stones (pictured below).
Fyre-Stone kit

Driftwood fire art is an excellent middle-of-the-road option that’s increasing in popularity every year.

Driftwood Fire Art

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