Stoves to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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P1010014 What is your carbon footprint? How much energy and water are you using? How much of this could be recycled from something else? It’s hard to say when you can’t really measure it. But an area called Dockside Green in Victoria, BC has made it possible for residents to measure their carbon footprints via an instrument, much like a digital thermostat, mounted on their walls. Vancity, one of the owners of Dockside Green says, "It controls room temperature as well as reports energy and water consumption. It monitors the weather outside, and even tracks resident’s in-suite carbon footprint, daily and over time.

Carbon Footprints are important in Dockside Green. All waste from the area fuels something else and everything is built to LEED standards. Their sustainability practices are wide-spread and show a solid example of what other communities should seek to follow.

It’s great to see people becoming educated and aware of the importance of building and living better. One place where we have seen changes is in shopping habits. Many consumers are avoiding electric stoves and instead purchasing pellet, wood and (to a lesser degree) gas stoves. As a result, some stores are running low on stock.

Always committed to the consumer, Rich’s for the Home has prepared for this and is well-stocked in many different types of stoves to meet the increased desire to decrease carbon and better our world. If you are thinking ahead for the cool fall and winter days and shopping for a stove, Rich’s is the place to go.

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