Measuring Your Green-ness

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Rich’s for the Home is concerned with our environment and their impact on it. I hope that you are too. Here are some handy ways to measure your environmental impact:

If you buy Energy Star appliances, you can get cash back just by completing a form and providing proof of purchase. More information.

Fill out an online calculator here to discover where you can be more green within your home. This form is sponsored by the Department of Energy.

A detailed mail-in home analysis is available to help you with the official word on how great you are doing and where you can improve. (Customers of Pacific Power only)

Know your appliances. In Washington State, electric heat uses the most energy followed by water heaters, air conditioning and refrigerators/freezers. So if you want to take one step with the greatest impact to be greener, these are the areas to focus on.

Information on the federal tax benefits to insulating your home.

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