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Did you know that there are several organizations that
have rating systems in place for green heating? Yes, it can get a bit
confusing. I was happy to receive an article in my in-box that defined the
differences between them. Here’s a recap for you:

The Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design (LEED)
program was created by the
U.S. Green Building
Council (USGBC)
, which is committed to expanding sustainable building
practices. Hearth products must not adversely affect indoor air quality to be
approved for a LEED green building.

Residential Remodeling Guidelines
were created by a
partnership with the American
Society of Interior Designers’ Foundation and the USGBC to develop best
practice guidelines. REGREEN’s heat distribution option calls for space
heaters, including hearth products, to heat additions, as opposed to running
additional duct from a central heating system, which if run, could affect
indoor air quality.

The U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency Cleaner Burning Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

is the joint effort of the U.S. EPA and the hearth industry to educate
consumers on clean burning gas, wood and pellet hearth appliances to heat their
homes. The modern EPA-certified wood stoves, fireplaces and pellet stoves
greatly reduce indoor and outdoor emissions.

The Energy Star program. ENERGY
STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and
the U.S. Department of Energy that verifies and designates which products meet
their strict energy efficient guidelines. Many hearth products meet these

The article goes on to note that a hearth appliance that
burns without impacting indoor air quality and is vented to the outside will
keep the “green” label on a green-built home. “In addition to meeting LEED and
REGREEN Indoor Environmental Quality standards, today’s hearth appliances also
burn more efficiently, reducing the toll on natural fuel sources, heating
budgets and the outdoor environments.”

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