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This month’s Bend Living is titled The Green Issue and is appropriately colored throughout. It features people who are building green and even lands a prediction-that within the next ten years you will build green or not build at all.

Did you know that Rich’s stoves, spas, furniture and grills can help you with a goal of living green?

Consider the following:

  • Some furniture is built with materials friendly to our environment.
  • Some are built with natural resources (such as wood) that can be replenished.
  • You can recycle your furniture to someone else when you upgrade.
  • You can choose stoves and fireplaces that are built with our environment in mind.
  • You can choose burning material friendly to our ozone.
  • You can save energy by heating with a stove.
  • There are spas that take little energy to heat.
  • Grills also save energy.

You’ve nothing to lose-and everything to gain by living greener.

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