Gifts for the Mom who has everything

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Mothers day My parents announced a couple of years ago that they don't want anymore "stuff". I have tried to honor that, although it's hard at times. It's not that they already have everything-but they do feel that they have everything that they need-and I suppose as you age you think more about that phrase "you can't take it with you".

But with that announcement came a few healthy changes in our family. My mom loves to grow so for the past few Mother's Days I have either bought her a hanging flower basket or planted flowers for her. It's the perfect gift for her. Of course, I choose her favorite flowers, colors, etc.

Here are some hints to help you think of gifts this Mothers Day 09 for the mom who doesn't want more "stuff":

  1. THINK DISPOSABLE– Don't think paper plates. But plants and flower are a great way to not accumulate more things. Flowers die off and only the vase or planter is left. A plant can be enjoyed and easily passed on.
  2. THINK NATURAL– How about planting a flower bed or garden for your mom? And keep it cared for too. That is something that she will enjoy for months to come. Why not have her over for dinner and grill up her fave food? Or bake her fave dessert?
  3. THINK ACTIVITY– Consider a gift certificate or gift card to a fave restaurant. We all need to eat. How about movie passes or admission to a fun museum, zoo, botanical garden or other destination? Maybe she would prefer a weekend away, or a night at that hotel she always talks about.
  4. THINK ONLINE– There is so much available online that won't add to a collection of "stuff". There are memberships to cool organizations and causes. You can also register for many classes online, whether they are held online or off. Does she have an interest in finding old friends? Offer to help her set up a Facebook page. Does she care about certain charities? Donate some money to one of them in her name.

There are many creative options that won't add to "stuff". So make this Mother's Day the most creative one yet and give her something that she really wants. And feel good about it. She'll be happy and it will be a gift that won't add to our landfills someday.

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