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After your spa gathering, may I recommend a circle around a fire pit from Rich’s for the Home? With flames ablaze, the warmth will ward off the chill we are still getting some of and help forge a bonding experience between you and your friends. And if it is warm and you want to cool down, see if your fire pit can be cleaned, filled with ice and used as a beverage holder instead.

My uncle was in masonry and in addition to the grand fireplaces and woodstove backdrops that he made for many of our homes—he made great built-in, brick fire pits. We had one out at the lake lot that he and my dad owned and it was a perfect place to huddle after swimming and playing in the lake. Because it was deep, it was safer for the younger set than an open fire was. We also had an outhouse but that isn’t one of my fondest memories so we won’t go there. Ha.

A wooden platform where we set up tents kept the condensation from creeping into the sleeping spaces and a slanted overhang (picture a shed without the walls) housed a table and benches for a sitting area.

Pilgrim_firepitBut when we all gathered, it was around the fire pit. The older ones helped the younger roast marshmallows and my mom even cooked over the pit. It is where I learned how to make baked potatoes by wrapping them in foil and burying them in the coals, how to pop corn over a fire without burning it (OK-so I still have to work on that one sometimes) and how to “clean” the marshmallow sticks by burning off the residue. We learned responsibility by gathering wood, packing up supplies and cleaning up after meals. We also learned to care for our environment by not littering, collecting pop cans and by draping short strings over the bushes for the birds to use in their nests.

A fire pit is a natural gathering spot and whether you are camping, learning, teaching, singing, socializing or just playing games—it is one more extension will add ambiance and practicality to your outdoor room.

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  1. Angie Hurst

    We love our firepit! My hubby loves to tell me that fire provides warmth, light and comfort. It’s like camping… but without all the packing!
    PS – I’ve changed the name/URL of my blog from Your Best Life to Vibrant Healthy U at I’d appreciate it if you’d change it on your blogroll. Thanks!

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