Cape Cod Wood Stove Wins ‘Popular Mechanics’ People’s Choice Award

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Lopi Cape Cod wood stove featuring Hybrid-Fyre technology competed in the Next Generation Wood Stove Design Challenge and proved why Hybrid-Fyre is the highly efficient, cleanest-burning wood technology in the world.

Travis Industries Cape Cod Deisgn Team
The Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre wood stove with the Popular Mechanics People's Choice Award. (L to R) Kurt Rumens, president of Travis Industries; Head Director of Research and Development Alan Atemboski; Product Developer and Lead Designer Russ McBrien; Metal Fabricator Jeremy Hallsson.

The Alliance for Green Heat and Popular Mechanics sponsored the Wood Stove Design Challenge that was held on November 16 – 19, 2013 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Twelve teams from around the world competed in the first international competition to build an affordable, cleaner-burning wood stove for residential heating. The Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre's performance displayed how revolutionary and clean-burning it is, winning first place in three of the eight awards that were given out.

Lopi Cape Cod Wood Stove

The Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre had much success among the judges, taking home first place awards for Market Appeal and Lowest CO Emissions. The fans also loved the Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre and it won first place in the Popular Mechanics People's Choice Award, receiving the most votes out of the 15,000 votes that were cast.

Ambassadors from Finland and Denmark as well as United States congressmen attended the Wood Stove Design Challenge and got to experience all that Hybrid-Fyre has to offer.

Our friends at Travis Industries in Mukilteo designed the Hybrid-Fyre technology, the highly efficient, cleanest-burning technology on the planet as certified by the EPA.

Hybrid-Fyre is a fusion of catalytic and non-catalytic technologies that, when combined, produce an exceptionally clean burn that emits virtually no smoke or carbon monoxide. It highlights the strengths of both technologies and creates a combustion system that in whole is greater than each of its parts.

Hybrid-Fyre allows for cleaner burning fires for longer periods of time, using less wood and saving trips to the wood pile.

Hybrid-Fyre has been available on the market for the last 12 months with the Lopi Cape Cod and is now available with the Lopi Large and Small Flush Wood Inserts.

You’ll find a wide selection of Lopi stoves, including the Cape Cod, at Rich’s for the Home. Click here to read more about the Cape Cod wood stove on Rich's blog.

News release courtesy of Hearth & Home Magazine's eNews, December 27, 2013.

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