Winter Snow

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Dec Winter 08 018
I bet some of you forgot the cost of heating your home when
the weather is really bad in the Northwest—I know I did. I am grateful for our
fireplace as a second heat source in all this snow and I hope that you are
staying warm this season.

In case you need a link again, here is a Cost of Heating
from Travis Industries that I found very helpful to see if burning
wood or switching to gas would save us money. It’s not too early to plan to
increase your heat efficiency for next year. Especially if you have a feeling
that this month’s bill will knock your budget out of the water. Fill it out—you
might just learn much.

It seems that many of our family friends are stuck with the
weather and unable to make it to the planned reunion areas for Christmas. I
encourage you to let our recent weather situation bring out the Boy or Girl
Scout in you and “always be prepared”. Unexpected weather events do happen and
will get worse. It’s time to stop thinking that “it will never happen”. Assume
that it will. Prepare emergency kits for your families, have back up plans in
place and insure that you have supplies for power outages, cold temperatures
and weather-related Acts of God.

And, as you know, one of the best preparation moves you can
make is to have a heat source not dependent on electricity whether that is gas,
or wood/pellet burning. And have fuel for it stocked. It is essential here in
the Northwest.

Please visit Rich’s for the Home as soon as our weather
allows to prepare yourself more for our ongoing weather difficulties.

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