The Care and Feeding of Barstools

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Barstool2IS If your barstools are put away for the winter, you can skip this post. If however, you have indoor barstools or some outside still, you should consider taking a few minutes with them a few times each year so that they last longer and so that everyone who sits on them is safe.



  1. For leather barstools, clean with a damp cloth. Now is a good time of year to add a little leather conditioner to the seats.

  2. Vinyl can also be cleaned with a damp cloth as can plastic. When in doubt, check with manufacturer.

  3. Take off any fabric coverings on the cushions and wash them. Make sure you check the label first. They are also easy to re-cover if the fabric needs changed out.

  4. If cushions are removable, do so and clean underneath them.

  5. Any wood can be wiped down with a wood polish for conditioning and gleam.



  1. Check all nuts and bolts to insure that nothing is loose and fancy-free.

  2. If barstools swivel, swivel them around a few times to make sure they go smoothly. If not, or if they squeak, they may need oiled.

  3. Check the feet on the bottom of the barstool legs for any loose pieces. Tighten if needed.

  4. Wiggle the legs of the barstool and tighten if needed.

  5. Wiggle the back and bars of the barstool and tighten if needed.

  6. Finally, pick up the full barstool via the seat and wiggle to see if the seat needs tightening.

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