Swivel and Sit

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When I was young, my grandmother had unique chairs in her living room that I’ve yet to see anywhere else. They were round, upholstered chairs with backs, and they swiveled at 360 degrees. Well, you guessed our fun in life. When allowed, my brothers and I would go there first (after greeting Grandma) and spin away. We would brace our feet on the nearby brick from the fireplace as leverage and our little dachshund would bark away at us as we spun. Until the adults broke up the fun, of course.

As an adult, I see why my grandma placed them where she did. Faced one direction they were a part of the living room and faced the other, part of the dining area. The parameter of movement is a benefit of swivel stools and swivel barstools can feature this same function.

Swivel2 A swivel barstool from Rich’s allows ease of access. Instead of pulling it out from under the bar/table/counter to sit down, one can swivel and sit. Anyone with back/leg/knee pain will thank you for that. And it makes it easy to turn and face another person while talking as well.

Be aware that swivel stools do not make the best perch if using them to change light bulbs, reach a high shelf, etc. I recommend (from experience) that you get a safe step-stool instead.

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