Stacking Your Barstools

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How to stack with ease:

~Choose a design that stacks well.

~Insure that your storage area is tall enough to place stacks in. Consider lockable storage if not in use all the time.

~Consider help from another person and/or a dolly. Height of barstools can be tricky and wheels will ease movement.

~Consider material for your barstools that will not scratch easily as when you stack, they will rub against each other.

~Consider folding barstools for ease in storage and less wear from stacking.

~Watch for other furniture and people anytime when lifting something and moving it.

~Watch for objects, walls, etc. at the end of the stool when lifting as the end you are holding can injure you if pushed.

~Practice safe lifting-bend your knees so the weight is on your knees and not your back.

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