Specially-Designed Barstools from Rich’s for the Home

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Metal barstool1
Rich’s for the Home has a multitude of great bar stools
available made of both wood and metal. It wasn’t too long ago that woods were
very big in interior home design. More recent home
designs still have wooden floors, but more metal in kitchens, etc. I find the
metal bar stools from Rich’s for the Home to be both elegant and functional.
And yes, some even blend the wood and metal elements.


Since bar counters often border on a kitchen and another
room, it can be a challenge to decide what to make the bar stools a part of, as
far as coordinating design. Many homes blend their design when rooms are open
and right next to each other but not all of them do. And ideally of course, the
bar stools should pull in elements from both rooms. 


So when there is a question, I think you should blend the
bar stools with the room that the bar stools face—usually the kitchen.
Think of
it as a picture. When people gather and sit and face the kitchen—it means the kitchen
is the picture—not the room behind the bar stools. It just works better that


If you can’t find what you want, Rich’s for the Home can
actually design bar stools for you! I know—isn’t that the coolest thing? This
is really a handy option for picky people like me. If you would like to design
your own or have Rich’s assistance with this, feel free to call your nearest
or visit them today.

(Pictures 1-4 are bar stools made by Pacific and available from Rich's for the Home)

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