Rest and Relaxation

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This past weekend, I went out of town for three days to the lovely city of Los Angeles. And although I had some business to attend to, I also had a lot of FUN. I kept in touch with my family but I didn't worry about things (they had care) and in reality, I just concentrated on me.

Normally, as a mom, I would be a little ashamed to admit that. But I realized something very important my second and third day there: I felt good. I felt relaxed, rested and rejuvenated.

When I returned, I felt better able to attend to what was required of me. And it was all because I took a few days just for me.

How are you dealing with stress these days? Studies show that stress decreases our happiness and our lifespan. As you know, it really is up to you to take charge of your health and that means taking breaks when you need it.

If you can't physically take a break, time alone with a relaxing activity is very important. So hit the hot-tub, schedule a bath and book session, take a walk, have coffee on the porch or schedule whatever activity you need to unwind. It's worth it-and so are you.

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