Reconnecting With the Family – 4 Tips

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3 kids small It's almost time for school. Can you believe that Summer is almost over? Wow-that went fast. Soon school and fall sports will be here. There are only a few weeks left of good solid hours to reconnect with family before the craziness begins once again.

Here are some good ways to reconnect with your family in the next couple of weeks:

  1. Make dinner attendance a requirement – For the rest of the summer, require that everyone be home for the dinner hour. Eat together.
  2. Plan some family-only outings – Whether it is a BBQ in the backyard or a bike ride across town, plan some outings for family only. Don't forget to have fun. Consider: park, zoo, roller skating, movie, swimming, picnic, etc.
  3. Concentrate on what each person needs to feel loved – My son needs one on one time when I put everything else aside and listen to him. My daughter, however, feels valued when we have time together alone, even if we are quiet. Spend some time discovering what helps each of your children feel loved and then do it.
  4. Don't forget school shopping – Two of mine are old enough to "remind me" that they want to shop. They are also old enough to remember that traditionally, school shopping is also fun time out with me. They enjoy the time together as much as shopping so it will also be a priority in the next couple of weeks.

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