Games for Outdoor Entertaining 3: Hiding Games

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You can't beat good old fashioned fun in the backyard when guests come over. Many classic group games include hiding and there is a reason for that of course-it's fun, can be challenging and works for all age groups. It's also easy to team up and therefore help the younger participants. Here are a couple of classic hiding games for a ton of fun.



Use two people or small groups of two. One hides. The other counts to 20 (or whatever) and then looks for the one(s) hiding.

Mix it Up:

  1. After the person is found, have the searcher tag the hider. Then both run to Home Base. First there wins.
  2. Play as a group. Start with one person hiding. Each time someone finds the person hiding, they join them.
  3. Make boundaries so that they can only hide in certain places.



The entire group of people (minus a few) hides all together (this creates the need for team-work, by the way). The few searchers join as they find them until all are packed into the area.

Mix it Up:

  1. Each time a new person joins the group, the entire group has to sing a short song or say a short poem out-loud.
  2. Play inside versus outside.
  3. Give a time limit. It should be a goal to have everyone into the hiding place by a certain time.

Freeze Tag
Treasure Hunt

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