Essential Oils

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Did you know that water was used therapeutically in 4500 B.C. by the Romans? Hydrotherapy has come a long way since with hot tubs and is available to many more people because of it.

According to medical writer, Elaine Moore, hydrotherapy can increase the production of endorphins, which can help improve your mood. In addition, recent studies show that hydrotherapy can benefit injuries and connective tissue disorders—and even help asthma.

Healthline suggests using oils to increase relaxation and relieve stress. Although you should be careful to not mix oils with the hot-tub water, here are a few oils that can increase your relaxation outside of the hot-tub.

  1. Lavender-This calming oil can remove tension and nerves. It also may be able to help you sleep.
  2. Basil Oil-According to Organic Facts, this oil can “give mental strength and clarity.”
  3. Ylang Ylang-This oil has a relaxing effect and lifts moods.
  4. Chamomile-This oil, according to Organic Facts, can remove feelings of “sadness, depression, disappointment, sluggishness,” and give you a happy, more lifted feeling.

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