Do the Puyallup

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Yee Haw!

Are you ready? I am already. September 5-21 brings the Puyallup Fair in Puyallup, WA-a fair which was a tradition in my family each year growing up. Rich’s for the Home will be there and I hope that you will be too!

Check out the midway, ride the coaster, take in concerts by Fergie, Carrie Underwood, Michael W Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman. Don’t forget to look at the quilts and the amazing Hobby Hall. The small outdoor stage is just outside the doors with great, family-oriented shows-plus sitting a spell will give your feet a break. Don’t forget the animals and the petting farm! The bunnies are adorable and even the farm animals are in good form. Mooo!

Each year, we have to get BBQ ribs, ride the Skyride to take it all in, make the round on the carousel,enter some drawings for freebies and visit the fort. We watch, but don’t participate in the high-flying bungee jumps and we always enjoy the Wild West Children’s Show Stage. Ice cream (we recommend Wilcox) is a must of course, as are elephant ears. We also try to support Young Life by purchasing a meal at their booth.

Giant pumpkins This year, we also need to enjoy Sillyville (go on the 10th for a free train ride) and the Wild About Monkeys show. Of course, I can’t wait to see the Planting Patch (near the petting farm) where all things giant grow and the display flowers.

And the fair is still alive at night. So don’t forget to stay until dusk (purchase those ride bracelets if you have kids) and watch those lights come on all around. (Besides, the traffic is always better going out at night).

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