My Life Is Better Because…

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Better because What makes your life better?

I encourage you to make a list of what has made your life better, and a list of what will make it better in the future. And then take the steps to make your future the best yet.

Here is what makes mine better:

  1. Prioritizing quality family time in the backyard. Truly, the years are passing quickly and before I don't want regrets. We schedule family time and try to do as much together as we can. Sometimes we just sit and hang out. Other times, we work together doing yard work, etc. Don't have a place to hang together? Make it a goal to buy the outdoor furniture you need to make it a comfortable event.
  2. Prioritizing our spiritual lives. Yes, they complain about going to church here and there. But when I look back at my childhood, I am now glad that my parents made me go. I think my kids will be glad someday too.
  3. Prioritizing exercise. This is a newer one for us and one that I wish I had started earlier. We are swimming, biking and walking. And, we are getting outside as much as we can.
  4. Prioritizing service to other people. I want my kids to always give back as I learned to do and I want them to be compassionate and caring. Giving back with our time and money as we can is a very high priority in our family.

What makes your life better? I look forward to hearing more from you in the comments section.

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