Bar Stool Fashion Show

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I strolled the showroom floor at Rich’s Lynnwood store and counted over two dozen models of bar stools, plus another 15 or so models on clearance for 50% off the retail price. 

Rich’s carries bar stools from three manufacturers: 

  1. Pastel
  2. Bermex
  3. Lawrenceville

At Rich’s, you can order any stool these manufacturers sell  in your choice of finish and fabric.

Popular finishes include:

  • Wood – a classic favorite, in colors ranging from ebony to cordovan, mocha, amber (cherry, mahogany, walnut)
  • Iron – elegant
  • Wood and iron – classic, yet sturdy
  • Brushed steel – a contemporary, titanium-like feel

When I test-drove Rich’s bar stools, I particularly liked those with suede upholstery. Suede is cushy and comfy, plus it’s durable and easy to clean.

If you’re planning to decorate (or re-decorate) your eating area or outdoor room, you can build your décor around new bar stools. Here’s a “fashion show” of several of the models I found on Rich’s showroom floor:

When you’re shopping for bar stools, make sure you get the right height.

Standard bar stool heights:

  • Counter height
  • Bar height
  • Chair height
  • Vanity height
  • Spectator height
  • Hydraulic (adjustable from 24 ½ to 32 ½” – hair salon chair)

In addition to height, finish, and upholstery, you need to consider the following:

  • Casual or formal
  • Swivel vs. stationary
  • Arms vs. armless
  • Arm height
  • Back vs. backless
  • Seat padding
  • Upholstered seat height vs. wood seat height
  • Maximum width and depth

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