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Gas Insert from Avalon Showcases a Fire that's Second to None


It’s called the 616. That’s because this new gas insert from Avalon boasts 616 square inches of viewing area, with ceramic glass that goes almost all the way to the bottom of the hearth.

616 Gas Insert Lopi

This extra-large insert fits into most fireplace openings and converts an existing masonry or metal fireplace into an efficient heater while preserving the look of a traditional fireplace.

The 616 heats 600 to 2,000 square feet and has a maximum output of 39,000 BTU.

GreenSmart Comfort

This insert includes several standard features – features that are optional on many other stoves. It includes fans, three accent lights, a three-stage burner and a GreenSmart remote. 

The remote allows you to run the fireplace in “Smart Thermostat Mode,” which automatically adjusts the flame height based on the temperature setting. This means that the flame will modulate up or down as opposed to shutting off or on like normal thermostats, thus conserving fuel and maximizing heating ability.

616 gas insert FPX

The GreenSmart Comfort Control™ allows the middle and front burner to operate independently of the rear burner. If you don’t need to heat your home but want to enjoy the ambiance of the flames, you can turn off the rear burner with the push of a button.

The GreenSmart split-flow burners offer a more efficient way to heat the room by only burning the amount of fuel necessary to keep a constant temperature. It’s a smarter, greener way to enjoy your fireplace!

Three Burner Options

The accent lights on the 616 not only illuminate the back of the firebox from behind the back log, but also from the top of the firebox. You can choose from among six firebacks and three media options to best fit the architectural style of your home:

The Driftwood Fire Art comes with glowing embers:

    616 driftwood logs

    The Fyre-Stone Rock Kit:

    616 Fyre Stones

    The Traditional Log Set comes with beautifully detailed logs and glowing embers:

      616 Traditional Logs

      Six Fireback Options

      Personalize the interior of the insert with one of the following firebacks:

      1. Black painted
      2. Straight brick
      3. Herringbone brick
      4. Handmade brick
      5. Black enamel
      6. Stainless steel

      Pictured, left to right: Handmade brick, herringbone, stainless steel

      616 handmade brick 
      616 herringbone 
      616 stainless steel

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