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Flex Your Grilling Muscles with Weber Summit Gas Grills


Consumer Reports consistently gives Weber grills top ratings, and for good reason. They come in every shape and size you can imagine, from portable to built-in, from charcoal to electric to gas. They’re built to last. They’re built to perform.


We’d like to introduce you to the Weber Summit Series – one of our favorite series’ of gas grills that is a backyard dreamer’s wish come true. (We stock the Summit series in our five Rich’s stores, and you can also special order them.)

The Summit Series includes 10 grills:

  • Four 4-burner grills
  • Four 6-burner grills
  • Two built-in models (4-burner or 6-burner)


In this article, we’ll compare the four-burner E-420 model with the six-burner S-670.

Summit E-420

With 650 square inches of total cooking area, the E-420 is large enough to grill 26 hamburger patties.

The body is comprised of a sturdy, painted steel welded frame that’s intended to be practically indestructible. Large stainless steel work surfaces flank both sides of the grill.


It has a black porcelain-enameled lid and polished contemporary chrome design; its cousin, the S-420, has a stainless steel lid. The lid on both the E-420 and S-420 features a center-mounted thermometer that accurately reads the inside temperature for pre-heating and cooking.


Framing the lid are painted cast-aluminum end caps for added strength and durability.

A nice feature of all Summit models is the Grill Out® handle light(s) that automatically turn on when you lift the lid.

A roomy storage area is enclosed by painted steel doors with polished chrome handles, and painted side and rear handles. There is ample space inside the storage area for both the LP tank and your barbecue tools.

For safety as well as function, the Summit gas grill features two heavy-duty front casters and two heavy-duty back swivel casters that allow you to easily maneuver your grill on your deck or patio and then lock it in place.

Summit grills include a push-button functionality fuel gauge, and a snap jet individual burner ignition system allows for precise cooking control.


Heavy 9mm stainless steel rod cooking grates are built to retain heat and create perfect sear marks.


The sturdy, 12,000 BTU per-hour side burner is large enough to accommodate sauté pans as well as saucepans and will allow you to conveniently finish your cooking process at one time and in one place.


This video  acquaints you with the features of the E-420 gas grill:

Summit S-670

The S-670 model is the pinnacle of high-quality and gas grill excellence. With six stainless steel burners and 769 square inches of cooking area, this grill is large enough to cook 31 hamburger patties.


It is the same height as the E-420 (57.1 inches) but wider (74.1 inches compared to the E-420’s 66 inches).

Features not found on the 420 but standard on the 670 include:

Sear Station® burner. This high-powered 10,600 BTU-per-hour burner is designed to step up the heat on demand, for perfectly seared steaks, roasts, and chops.


Smoker. Give your meals a tantalizing smoky flavor with the integrated stainless steel smoker box with a separate, dedicated 6800 BTU-per-hour input burner.

Tuck-Away™ rotisserie system. The rotisserie, with a rear-mounted infrared burner, makes it easy to spit-roast up to two large birds at a time. Use the infrared burner for 20 minutes, then turn it off and finish cooking using the indirect cooking method. The rotisserie’s flip-up motor tucks into the side table when not in use.  


This video overviews the features of the Summit S-670.

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